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Details and Online Portal Announced in Advance of Agri-Expo 2021

Harrison & Hetherington’s Annual Livestock Showcase in October launches new Access Website Portal, with everyone involved invited to book their place and save the date.

Unlike so many other large-scale events across the country, this year’s Carlisle’s Borderway Agri Expo has been given the green light to go head on Friday 29th October. To give visitors and exhibitors virtual access in advance to everything but the day itself, Harrison & Hetherington, organisers of Borderway Agri Expo, have today launched a new website portal. As the UK’s leading winter livestock showcase, the organisers are now inviting people to enter livestock and are looking to hear from businesses and contributors keen to be involved. 

Exhibitors can download all livestock exhibitor, trade stand and sponsorship packs, and upload details electronically. As COVID-19 precautions will still be a part of our lives, visitors are also required to register their attendance in advance for tracking purposes.

The team behind the event are already planning the detailed program and features for this year, and the new website will provide all vital information and updates. This will include the newly introduced requirements for registration.   

With almost 100 livestock classes, 5 breed society shows, a trade showcase with over 150 stands and live demonstrations, the return to normal of Borderway Agri Expo will be one of the most looked forward to livestock events in 2021. 

Once again, like many other UK events, Borderway Agri Expo was under threat this year due to the on-going effects of the COVID-19 lockdown. Concluding that it will be safe to go ahead, Harrison & Hetherington will conduct the event under the relevant Government guidelines in place at the time.

Scott Donaldson, Harrison & Hetherington’s Managing Director, highlights the importance of the dedicated new website in ensuring success and safety on the day:

“A website is often seen as an add-on, though the new Borderway Agri Expo portal is certainly not. It will be key to ensuring everyone’s safe access, as well as keeping people up to date on information as to what they will be able to see and experience. In launching a new portal, we are simplifying the processes for everyone, and of course at the same time, helping the environment by not using excessive and unnecessary print materials.” 

Showcasing some of the very best beef cattle and sheep from all corners of the UK, Borderway Agri-Expo, now in its 14th year, has become one of Great Britain’s largest and most prestigious winter livestock events. A key date in the diary of livestock farmers, Scott is delighted that they have been able to give the go ahead:

“This is a very important event for the livestock industry and agri-businesses, which over the years, has grown from strength to strength and we do not want to lose momentum. The livestock shows, sheep, cattle and pedigree exhibitions gives the opportunity for people to see what I believe is some of the very best livestock in the world. Like so many others, last year’s cancellation was a huge disappointment, and we are absolutely delighted that this year the show can go ahead. 

“Already from the feedback we have received from our exhibitors, stand holders and sponsors, many people are very keen to be involved once again. Now with this portal launch, they can officially book their place and save the date!”

This highly acclaimed livestock event regularly sees in the region of 900 head of livestock being shown and attracts thousands of visitors. Representing all sectors of the industry, for many of the 150 regional and national businesses and exhibitors in the trade show, this will be the first opportunity for some considerable time to highlight current livestock trends, equipment and technologies, as well as a chance to meet colleagues, friends and potential customers.

Posted: Wednesday 19 May 2021
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