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Mule Gimmer Lamb Class to be Judged by Reputable Cumbria Mule Shearling Breeder

Borderway Agri Expo’s prestigious Mule Gimmer Lamb class will be judged by Trevor Foster of Sebergham, Cumbria.


Harrison & Hetherington, which is responsible for organising one of the most renowned beef and sheep events in the UK, Borderway Agri Expo, is thrilled to announce that Cumbrian farmer and reputable Mule shearling breeder, Trevor Foster, will judge the highly contested Mule Gimmer class at this year’s event.


One of the highlights of the day is the Mule Gimmer Lamb class which always attracts a phenomenal line-up. This year, Trevor will have the job of selecting the winning pair which will walk away with the NEMSA Perpetual Trophy.


A notable beef and sheep farmer from the 145-acre Rye Hill, Sebergham, in Cumbria, Trevor is a familiar face in the showring having judged at many of Harrison & Hetherington’s show and sales across the north of England. A highly respected farmer, Trevor runs a flock of 300 Mule Gimmer lambs at home where he farms alongside his wife, Carol. Trevor purchases grey-faced gimmer lambs through local auction marts, particularly Borderway, Lazonby, and Middleton in Teesdale to rear and sell on as shearlings after lambing at the September sales.


In addition to the sheep enterprise, Trevor and Carol also manage a herd of 45 Blue Limousin cross  cows and calves and rears 80-100 beef stores each year to be sold as breeding heifers or finishing cattle the following year.


On being invited to judge the prestigious Mule Gimmer Class at this year’s Agri Expo, Trevor said: “It is a huge honour and privilege to have been invited to judge. I was really taken aback to receive the invite as there are many more worthy people than myself!


“This is a very big and very notable class to judge. I will be looking for a powerful and bonny pair of lambs. Something with plenty of length and a good skin, and I’d also like to see a nicely marked face too.”


No stranger to Agri Expo, Trevor adds: “It is fantastic to see such a fine livestock event that has built a huge national reputation on our doorstep here in Cumbria. This is one of the highlights of the sheep section at Agri Expo and I know the calibre of Mule Gimmer lambs will be tremendous, so I will certainly have my work cut out choosing a winner.”


Giving further background on announcing details of the Mule Gimmer Lamb judge, Harrison & Hetherington Auctioneer, James Little, who annually sells his shearlings said: “This is always one of the most highly anticipated sheep classes at Agri Expo. Trevor is highly respected with extensive knowledge of the mule breed and a wealth of experience.  He is highly respected in the area, for annually turning out one of the finest runs of North of England Mule Gimmer Shearlings in the Country. I have no doubt that he will do a fantastic job of judging and I would like to thank him in advance for giving up his time to do so.”

Posted: Friday 16 Sep 2022
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