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Borderway Agri Expo 2021 - Friday 29th October

Showcasing the best of livestock and the agricultural industry from around the UK.

Borderway Agri Expo is one of the largest events in the UK Agri industry, showcasing the best quality beef cattle and sheep, the latest developments in farming practice, breeding, genetics, machinery, equipment, technology, environmental issues, livestock marketing and export opportunities. It is now known to be a true celebration of the very best British Livestock, and the farmers, breeders and stockmen who look after them.

Getting to Agri Expo

Whether you are coming to Borderway Agri Expo for the day or intend to stay in the area for a bit longer.. the following information will help plan your trip.

Admission and Entry

Admission to Borderway Agri Expo and Borderway Parking is free for all exhibitors, sponsors, media and visitors although pre-expo registration is required.